Sutti in Longitude about the Afgan scenario

Milano, 21 ottobre 2021


Stefano Sutti interwieved in Enrico Verga‘s analysis on the prospectives for the Afghan scenario in the last issue ofLongitude – The Italian Monthly on World Affairs.
<<… Afghanistan of course is suffering, and is going to suffer for a long time. This country with a 40-million population, is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis arising from the war, food insecurity, and the pandemic, among other problems. Yet, “both its strategic position and its non-negligible natural resources make the country likely to bounce back in the medium term, and of course this recovery process offers opportunities to foreign companies”, according to Stefano Sutti, senior partner of the Italian law firm Studio Legale Sutti, that represents several middle eastern companies in the European markets…. >>

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