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We registered the domain name “” quite a long time ago. A little later our Web site was set up, and was amongst the very first published by an European law firm.

In fact, Studio Legale Sutti had, as early as 1990, developed in-house some form of digital self-introduction (actually, an installable, full-motion, 256-color anti-aliased Electronic Business Card, in a zip file of just 269 Kbytes, i286- and VGA-compatible, including the necessary Autodesk Animator Player – which is available here as a curiosity, please note that the data therein are not up-to-date)…

In doing so, we acted before the reform of the Italian National Bar Council official Rules of Conduct – which now explicitely mentions Web sites -, as soon as technology and bandwidth available to average users were sufficiently evolved. We were in a position to present a site that would be not just a duplication of materials already existing on the Web or purely symbolic or promotional in nature. We are confident that the “final product”, which we do our best to continuously improve and update, still represents an additional, state-of-the-art service to our clients and correspondents and an effective working tool for people dealing with the Firm.

Besides the present site, we have been present on the Web since 1994, and still are, in a number of various other forms.

Firstly, all the basic information and data needed to find us and contact our offices and members is available through a large number of directory entries, as for example in Pagine Gialle, the Web version of the Italian Yellow Pages (we are also in the Italian Yellow Pages in English). We will not list them here, as you are obviously already in touch with us if you are reading these words.

Secondly, many private and public sites have been kind enough to put a hyperlink to our web site on their pages, often with a brief description of our practice. We are happy to reciprocate in the section Test & Tools / Interesting Sites , or in other pages, such as where we thank some of our clients of recent years.

Thirdly, many essays, articles, reports and other texts written by SLS’s partners and associates have been put on-line by various information providers. While we do not publish ourselves, as a matter of general policy, our members’ writings, we are pleased to list here, for our readers’ convenience, the links to some of them which can be freely accessed on the Web.

Texts Available On the Web
SLS is the current Official Italian Contributor of The International Law Office Newsletter for the area “Arbitration”.
Here are the relevant titles and links:

  • Arbitrability of Disputes over Resolutions of Shareholder Meetings
  • Government Makes Efforts to Promote Arbitration in Company Disputes
  • Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards

SLS for a number of years has been the Official Contributor of Company Law and Intellectual Property updates and surveys regarding the Italian jurisdiction to Mondaq Business Briefing , formerly Business Monitor, a news service which is accessible on the Web, and to all Lexis-Nexis , Reuters and Dow Jones information services’ users. Many brief texts authored by SLS’s members on these and other subjects are available there (a free registration is needed to access them):

  • Digital Signature in European Law;
  • The Internationalisation of Italian Summary Proceedings;
  • Advocacy, Psychology and Tactical Issues in Arbitration;
  • Prevention And Defense Of Money Laundering Cases In Italy;
  • Dealing With a Split Legal Profession in Contentious Matters;
  • The Rome Convention: Different Approaches;
  • The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992;
  • The European Convention on Human Rights: Copyright Implications;
  • From Caveat Emptor to Caveat Venditor – a Brief History of English Sale of Goods Law;
  • The legal status of the Caspian Sea and its exploitation regime;
  • Web-site Agreements;
  • Commercial Contracts: Literal and Purposive Approach;


A number of other articles written by SLS’s members have been published by Lawmoney:

  • Service of Process in Europe
  • Protecting Industrial Designs in Italy
  • COCA-COLA Italy and Antitrust Investigations

Our Labour Law Dept. participated in the 1994 EC project, the final report of which is publicly available, “T1002 ATTICA – Analysis of Constraints to Transborder Telework in the European Community and the EEA”. A French version of the same final report can also be found on-line.

Another study, on “IP Evolution through Progressive Reforms of the Italian Copyright Law”, authored by Andrea Montanari of our Intellectual Property & Competition Dept,, was published by the British magazine InBrief in June 1999, is accessible on the Web site of the World Legal Forum.

Some further articles in English concerning Italian and Comparative law have been published on the Web by Lex Legis:

  • The Italian “Sole-Judge”: Echos of the English Woolf Reform
  • Trading and Investing in Italian Commercial Property

A report of our managing partner Stefano Sutti, about “Developments in the Italian Real Estate Legal Framework”, was published on the Web by Square Foot.

A brief article entitled “The Purpose of Commercial Law” by Marco Pistis, LL.M., has been published by Legamedia in November 2002.

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