Specialisations: Corporate Tax Planning, International Taxation, Tax Disputes, Italian Fiscal Certification, Tax-related Criminal Defence, Tax Savings, Tax Strategy Auditing

Comments of Independent Sources and Additionals Details Tax law issues have been dealt with since 1997 in the framework of our Company-Commercial and Businesses Public Law Department – thanks also to the recruitment and lateral hiring in Italy of a growing number of commercialisti (a local brand of accountants / auditors / tax advisors / business consultants, with an economic and business, rather than legal, background).

At the end of 2003, our tax practice was dramatically re-organised through the establishment of a fourth, fully-fledged Department. This new department has been added to those in existence since the beginning of the nineties, and, as far as its operations in Milan are concerned, has been moved to dedicated, prestigious premises that are located approximately a hundred metres from our head office.

Given SLS’s current business mix, our Tax Department activity accordingly concentrates especially on:

  • fiscal issues involved in internationalisation and related tax planning;
  • e-business and IP revenues taxation and related strategies, in connection with our intellectual property practice and our IT-TMT practice (where we also profit from our current position of coordinating member of the Global Alliance for e-Commerce Law);
  • fiscal aspects of M&A transactions in the jurisdictions where we are active (namely, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania);
  • disputes with tax authorities (as well as defence in criminal tax-related proceedings) in the same countries, both in ordinary courts and in Italian Tax Courts.

Convenient points of access to the services offered by our Tax Department are also available in London and in Tokyo, besides of course in SLS’s several local offices in Italy.

Thanks to the combined resources of Studio Legale Sutti and its worldwide contacts, tax-planning solutions are not just proposed, but, upon the client’s request, fully implemented at a procedural, contractual, corporate and group level. Furthermore, the compliance of the solutions adopted with the relevant legal and fiscal provisions can be certified and guaranteed by SLS Tax Department.

The re-organisation of our tax practice and the establishment of a dedicated deparment has been duly echoed by the international and Italian media. See for instance Legal Week 11/12/2003, “Sutti Recruits 13 Lawyers to Launch Tax Department”; International Tax Review 01/01/2004, “Italian Law Firm Expands Tax Practice”; Yahoo News 12/12/2003, “SLS Re-organises Its Tax Practice”; Legal Week Global, 01/01/2004, “Sutti Hires 13 to Launch Tax Practice”; The European Lawyer, 01/02/2004; PLC Law Department, “New Tax Department for Studio Legale Sutti”; Studio Celentano 11/12/2003, “Nuovo Dipartimento di Fiscalità Internationale per lo Studio Legale Sutti”; Il Cittadino di Monza 11/12/2003, “Sutti: nuovo servizio dello studio con sede a Monza. Il Dipartimento di Fiscalità Internazionale, un aiuto alle aziende che vanno all’estero”; 12/12/2003, “Lo Studio Legale Sutti inaugura Dpartimento di Fiscalita’ Internazionale Applicata”; Excite 12/12/2003 “Fiscalità internazionale per lo Studio Legale Sutti”; Interfree 12/12/2003, “SLS apre dipartimento di fiscalità internazionale”; Itloox 12/12/2003, “Lo Studio Legale Sutti apre dipartimento tributario”; Deutsche-Italienische Handelskammer e-Contact, 13/01/2004, “Studio Legale Sutti, neue Corporate Tax Planning Abteilung”, Britaly, 01/03/2004, “SLS Establishes Tax Dept.”; The International Law Office Newsletter, 02/2004.

The Tax Department is constantly present bpth in Italian and in international press as well as in national rankings. Recently, it was among the tax departments of the best Italian law firms in the Legalcommunity Tax Report 2018.

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