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Studio Legale Sutti launches its new website

The previous version of the website was rolled out in the mid-90s, being one of the first examples of communication on the Web for an Italian international Law Firm.
It kept standing out for years amongst its competitors for the wealth of information it offered, far from the “one-page placeholders” which are still adopted by many lawfirms.
Although we at Studio Legale Sutti became sort of affectionate to this part of our history, we feel that time has come to boost ourselves into the Web 2.0 era. That is why we are today presenting our new website which – true to our own policy of “always being on the bleeding edge” – sets once again the standard for Italian international law firms: Studio Legale Sutti is the first Italian international lawfirm to embrace the Web 2.0 paradigm and to set its presence in Facebook and Twitter and to syndicate the website content through an RSS feed.
Please come and join us in the future of the Web and – true to the spirit of the Social Network era – share your thoughts with us and our contacts. (06 Aug 2010)

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