Environmental Law Group

In 1997 Studio Legale Sutti set up an ad hoc team of lawyers of different expertise and skills aimed at dealing with environmental law issues. Full assistance is provided with regard to all kinds of legal and regulatory environment-related problems, in all possible civil, administrative and criminal aspects, with an emphasis on environmental due diligence operations, environmental compliance auditing, and natural disasters class action defence.

Criminal defence for the alleged breach of Italian, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian laws and regulations concerning, inter alia, chemical pollution, waste disposal, and electromagnetic pollution, is also provided.

In 2006, further to the Italian liberalisation of multisciplinary professional practices, Studio Legale Sutti expanded its services in this area by establishing a team of EHS managers, which provides clients operating productive facilities in Italy with technical assistance regarding environmental audits and compliance, environmental remediation, compliance with waste disposals regulations, and are certified as RSPP (responsabili servizio prevenzione e protezione) with respect to the provisions of DLgs 626/1996 concerning safety in the workplace. In this latter capacity, our EHS managers work closely with our Labour Department, including with respect to industrial relations and investigation of labour accidents.


The establishment of our Environmental Law Group was discussed by The European Law Office in their Web site, where its coordinator was described as “one of Europe’s pre-eminent environmental lawyers”, by Law Firms in Europe 1998 (published by Legalease Ltd.), by The Lawyer, issue of 14/04/1998, The International Law Office Newsletter (“Studio Legale Sutti Recruit New Environment Head”), the International Financial Law Review 01/04/1998, and European Legal Business, in its March-April 1998 issue. The re-organisation of our environmental law services through the establishment of a the Group was still mentioned in the 1999 edition of European Counsel 3000 (published by L&C Publishing Ltd.).

The activity of SLS’s Enviromental Law Group, which is mentioned under “Environmental Law Attorneys” by the American Legal-ease Attorney Listing Service (not to be confused with the abovementioned British publishing company), is explained in detail in our entry in the relevant Mondaq’s on-line directory (a free registration is needed for access).

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