We do not believe in name-dropping, and fully support the too-often infringed Bar rules which would prevent, e.g., Serbian or Italian lawyers, notwithstanding the consent of the clients concerned, from publishing public reference lists, detailing the merits of the matters dealt with by the firm and addressing third parties to “good friends”, in this or that corporation, available to testify for the excellence of the services obtained and for the reputation of their own lawyers.
Our vast experience portfolio can be better disclosed – subject of course to to any confidentiality requirement which may exist with respect to the details or the very existence of past instructions – in the framework of direct contacts with existing and prospective clients, and of “beauty contests” they may care to organise with specific indication of the information they deem to be relevant to their future decisions regarding the purchase of legal services.
We are nevertheless delighted to provide here direct links to the main Web sites of some of the clients who during the last decade profited, directly or indirectly (e.g., through their domestic counsel or local subsidiaries and representatives), from our advice and representation in contentious and transactional matters. This is also our way to thank those, among them, who spontaneously decided to publish in turn a link to this site, thus contributing to the visibility of SLS on the Web.
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