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New developments in the never-ending struggle over domain names

Italian Judges seem to be wandering through a never-ending night when it comes to IP […]

Samsung vs. Apple round 1: draw

Today the first round of the Samsung vs. Apple patent litigation pertaining to 3G technology […]

Lo Studio Legale Sutti inaugura il nuovo Russian Desk

Lo Studio Legale Sutti, già noto per la sua diretta presenza in quattro giurisdizioni dei […]

Google loses copyright case in Germany for Youtube videos

Annus horribilis for Google does not seem to end. As far as we know this […]

Gianluca Gilardi on Google’s new privacy policy

La Repubblica has quoted Gianluca Gilardi with reference to the upcoming new Privacy Policy of […]

Latest News

Stefano Sutti: the Best Commercial Litigation of the Year for Italy by Global 100.

Milan, 16/06/2016 Stefano Sutti proclaimed the Best Commercial Litigation of the Year for Italy by […]

Lo Studio Legale Sutti con UNIEcig nell’impugnazione dell’ultimo decreto in materia di svapo

Milano, 10/06/2021 Su Sigmagazine l’articolo Sigarette elettroniche, UniEcig al Tar: “Nuove regole discriminatorie e irragionevoli” […]

Innovation& Excellence Awarda elects Studio Legale Sutti is Arbitration Law Firm of 2021

Milan, 06 May 2021 In its Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 Corporate Live Wire elected […]