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Gianluca Gilardi on Google’s new privacy policy

La Repubblica has quoted Gianluca Gilardi with reference to the upcoming new Privacy Policy of […]

Studio Legale Sutti at the Internet Identity Workshop

Gianluca Gilardi is going to attend on behalf of Studio Legale Sutti at the first […]

Next stop: Yahoo Vs. Google?

Although there is no clear threat in Yahoo’s words I would not be surprised if […]

Studio Legale Sutti at the Social Media Week

Gianluca Gilardi is scheduled to take part in a roundtable on 21 September 2001 within […]

Studio Legale Sutti launches its new website

The previous version of the website was rolled out in the mid-90s, being one […]

Latest News

SLS Leading Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Lawyer 2019

Milan, June 17th 2019 Another international accolade for Studio Legale Sutti‘s Commercial Litigation and Arbitration […]

The Most Important Thing is That the Client is Very Pleased…

Milano, 30-05-2019   Articolo pubblicato su Annual Review di TagLaw relativo ad un caso seguito […]

Video di Stefano Sutti in “Le controversie in materia di commercio internazionale”

Milano, 20-05-2019 Sul canale Youtube dello Studio Legale Sutti è disponibile il video dell’intervento “Le […]