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SLS in the Top 12 Italian Firms

According to an independent research performed by Editrice Le Fonti, and published yesterday the 13th of March 2015 by Il Corriere della Sera, Studio Legale Sutti is amongst the 12 largest independent Italian practices in terms of aggregated turnover and human resources. While being nowadays a full-service firm, its main identifying feature in this market tier remains its strong emphasis on litigation and arbitration, intellectual property and technology, and international law.

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L’accordo strategico SLS-Ealixir su Affari Italiani

Milano, 18 luglio 2018 Un altro articolo sull’accordo siglato dallo  Studio Legale Sutti con Ealixir Italia pubblicato da Affari […]

La partnership tra Sutti e Ealixir su Organismo Congressuale Forense

Milano, 17 luglio 2018 La partnership tra  Studio Legale Sutti ed Ealixir Italia segnalata dall’Organismo Congressuale Forense Related

L’intesa tra lo Studio Legale Sutti ed Ealixir su CassaForense

Milano, 17 luglio 2018 Articolo comparso su CassaForense che annuncia l’intesa tra lo Studio Legale Sutti ed Ealixir […]