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Lecture on “Italian tax implications for investing the UK / abroad in real estate and other assets”

On the 27th of November, at Hotel Armani in Milan, via Manzoni, we shall be once more speaking for the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, in person of Cosima Schuetterle of Studio Legale Sutti’s Tax Dept. who is going to lecture on “Italian tax implications for investing in the UK / abroad in real estate and other assets”, in the framework of a Coutts-sponsored Tax & Legal Seminar on “Managing Your Wealth: Tax Considerations – UK Property”.

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L’accordo strategico SLS-Ealixir su Affari Italiani

Milano, 18 luglio 2018 Un altro articolo sull’accordo siglato dallo  Studio Legale Sutti con Ealixir Italia pubblicato da Affari […]

La partnership tra Sutti e Ealixir su Organismo Congressuale Forense

Milano, 17 luglio 2018 La partnership tra  Studio Legale Sutti ed Ealixir Italia segnalata dall’Organismo Congressuale Forense Related

L’intesa tra lo Studio Legale Sutti ed Ealixir su CassaForense

Milano, 17 luglio 2018 Articolo comparso su CassaForense che annuncia l’intesa tra lo Studio Legale Sutti ed Ealixir […]