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Communication Channels


Desktop point-to-point videoconference facilities via ISDN are available in our Head Office (at the number +39 02 76204802) and at our United Kingdom Office (at the number +44 20 7493 3401), under Person-to-Person/2 ®, an IBM product, which was eventually included in the OS/2 Warp v3 Bonus Pack, requiring the use at both sides of an IBM Action Media II card. Such facilities will be upgraded to the ITU-T H.323 standard in the near future. Please make beforehand the necessary arrangements by telephone with the local switchboard.

With regard to mobile videoconferencing, a few of our members are equipped with UTMS (i.e., 3G) cellular phones, which invariably allow users to make and receive video-calls (where the local carrier offers this feature). Please see the page on telephony for more details.

With regard to Internet videoconferencing, Studio Legale Sutti supports Cu-SeeMe, a program originally developed by Cornell University (if your are an OS/2 user, you may access the Cu-SeeMe/2 Home Page to obtain the OS/2 version, with a number of features not found in the Windows or the Mac versions; otherwise you may find the standard versions for the latter mainstream platforms at the White Pine CU-SeeMe Page).

Our experience indicates, however, that Internet videoconferencing is not practical for business purposes, because of the low frame rates and resolutions inherent in the limited available bandwith, and its extreme variability during the connection time.

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